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We praise Allah, Glorified be He, Who commanded us to seek knowledge for His sake. It is useful for every Muslim male and female of every generation to learn this knowledge and exert themselves to the utmost in order to understand and apply it in the context of their society and its particular needs. May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon our teacher, Muhammad, Allah’s Servant and Messenger, who ordered every Muslim to seek knowledge as instructed by Allah.

It is therefore evident that acquisition and advancement of frontiers of knowledge in Islam are obligatory task prescribed to all Muslims, men and women. The establishment of the Muslim University of Morogoro (MUM) must be interpreted within that context let alone the fact that Muslim community in Tanzania is lagging behind in accessing university education. The establishment of MUM is not only an investment which is responding to demand of Muslim community for expanding higher education,  but also fulfilling religious obligation as assigned to us by Allah and His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad.

The Muslim University of Morogoro was established on 23rd October 2004 in response to the increased demand for higher education in Tanzania. The University is recognized by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) as a private Chartered University. Its Charter was signed by H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, the President of the fourth phase government of the United Republic of Tanzania under the University Act, (2005), Cap. 346 made under Section 25 (2) of the Law. MUM has been enjoying recognition within the national and regional academic fraternity by getting admission into the Tanzania Association of Private Universities (TAPU) and the Inter-Universities Council for East Africa (IUCEA).

MUM began admitting students in 2005 and is currently running: (i) Degree programs in; Bachelor of Arts with Education, Bachelor of Islamic Studies with Education, Bachelor of Law with Shariah, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, Bachelor of Science with Education, Bachelor of Business Administration, (ii) Diploma and (iii) Certificate programs in; Science and Laboratory Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Journalism, Law with Shariah, Islamic Banking and Finance, Procurement and Logistics Management. The diverse courses offered at the Muslim University of Morogoro designed to provide students with opportunities to become independent and critical thinkers with a passion for knowledge and its application.

The Muslim University of Morogoro is committed to offering high quality education by upholding the highest standards of teaching, learning, research, outreach and consultancy in the provision of holistic development of students and society at large. The main objective of the MUM is to contribute towards educational advancement of the Muslim community in Tanzania in particular and others in general. The teaching team of the Muslim University of Morogoro is keen to help students become morally, spiritually and intellectually accomplished personality through rigorous trials and triumphs in a friendly and attentive environment with opportunities to address multi-dimensional issues facing our modern society.

MUM has already produced eleven batches of graduates. In 2018, we had our eleventh graduation and indeed some of our graduates have already found their niche in the job market. I must tell you as Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of academic affairs I continue to receive some very positive remarks from various employers and colleagues on the quality of our graduates in terms of behavior, prowess, and character. Some of our graduates have been accepted for post-graduate studies in other universities within the country and outside and some of them were retained as instructors in several universities and colleges.

I am confident the information contained in the web page is useful for you to make informed decision, please take this opportunity to visit the website.